The Energy of the Office,
from Anywhere.

Bring your team's presence right to your remote workspace
with a fun and always-available desktop app.

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    “A unique solution to the human disconnect of remote work. Tabby earns a place on the desktop.”

    Ton Ha 
    Head of Design, Corilla
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    “Tabby fills the gap that Slack and Skype leave.”

    Sam Joyce
    Co-founder, Foodlama
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    "Working with a remote team, it’s the best way to stay connected without distracting each other."

    Chris Raethke
    CEO, Pinch

Work is More than Words

So much of what happens in the workplace is not words, but the buzz, the comings and goings. In person, you can tell when someone's incredibly busy. But online, this often means an annoying
"R U there?" message.

Tabby helps you know when someone is
heads-down, or, looking for a virtual ☕️  break. And this is often when the magic happens. ⚡️

Get a Work Vibe

Enjoy feeling part of the same space, as you see people come and go, work, take breaks and celebrate wins.

Work Inertia

Tabby gets a sense of how active someone is over time. No more wondering why they're not replying.

Set Communication Expectations

Let your team know when you're on the road, or heading out the door. Catch someone before they head out, just like you would in a physical office

Build Team Spirit

Share your wins, or just wave hello to the team. Fun animations and non-intrusive notifications enhance the team feeling, without the mindless chatter.


Sync your State

Sharing your work state keeps everyone in the loop, without spamming a chat channel.


Manage your Energy

Work naturally goes through peak busy (Beta) and reflective (Alpha) modes. Tabby helps replace the structure to your day missing in remote work.


Celebrate Wins

Keep your team connected, across oceans and language barriers. Don't succumb to 'going dark' or burnout. 

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